Muffin Tins – I love these for making batches of small portions that I can toss in the freezer for later. It helps me keep the portion sizes under control, too.

Oil Mister –  I keep my oil mister filled with olive oil, but canola is good, too – they’ll both help keep the calories down. I use it for oiling my pans, for salads and in recipes. One TBSP of olive oil contains 120 calories and 14 grams of fat, and by using my mister, I can reduce that a lot and still get the flavor.

Small Glasses and Espresso Cups – I use these for controlling my dessert intake. They also look great when we have guests, without overdoing the sugar craving.

Immersion Blenders – My immersion blender gets a workout, believe me! I use it for smoothies or protein shakes right in the glass, as well as for pureeing soup in the pan. One of my favorites is a pureed vegetable soup, as it satisfies my hunger with a minimum of calories. Here’s recipe I love, using that pureed stock: Healthy Vegetable Broth.

Small Plates – We eat off salad plates rather than dinner plates, as it helps keep us from overdoing it. Cheating? Maybe, but it works!

Herb Mill – This is another kitchen tool that I use constantly. Fresh herbs are a lot more flavorful than the dried version and are a great way to make any dish tastier without adding any calories or fat. They’re a great salt substitute, too, and won’t bloat you like salt will.

Apple Divider – I have actually worn a couple of these out, I use them so much! Apples are a great and versatile food – we use them all the time in salads, as snacks, with pork, in applesauce (GREAT substitute for oil in recipes)… they have a lot of great uses. When just one downward push is all that’s needed to core and section an apple, healthy snacks are much more likely to be your choice.

Handheld Chopper – I don’t know how I ever got along without this baby! Vegetables, fruit, nuts… all are a breeze with my handheld chopper. It makes prepping a veggie soup SO much faster and easier, I LOVE it!

Kitchen Scissors – I use my kitchen scissors so much, I think I should carry them in a holster on my hip! They save me a lot of time and make trimming fat off chicken or trimming vegetables a snap. Invest in a pair and you’ll see what I mean. Just be sure you get the take-apart style, so you can safely wash them thoroughly. I even use them for bread and pizza.

Zester – This tool gets a workout in my kitchen. I use it for grating cheese (we still get the flavor, using a lot less) or citrus zest to add flavor to burgers, sauces, meat or fish. No calories or fat… lots of flavor!

Steamer – I use my steamer on vegetables, to avoid using oil, while keeping most of the nutrients, which is always very important, especially with veggies. It works great for fish, too.

Reusable Baking Liners – These liners save a LOT of clean-up time, but they also help me avoid using oil on my pans and sheets. I love the fact that they’re reusable, so we’re not hurting the environment by using parchment paper, too.

Here are some more great recipes you might want to check out: Flavia’s Healthy Recipes

These tools can really help you make some fantastic, healthy and tasty meals, quickly and easily. Cooking and baking can be fun, especially when you have these great, helpful, tools.  Add them to your kitchen arsenal and you won’t need to add butter and salt to everything to taste good. You’ll now have lots of options to boost the flavor of any dish with your new herb mill and zester!